Dietary supplements for raising blood pressure

The use of dietary supplements for hypertension is possible only at the earliest stages or with short-term episodes of increased pressure. Herbal preparations are indicated for neurocirculatory dystonia and stressful situations, in the menopausal period. The hypotensive effect of these drugs is based on a soothing and antispasmodic effect. The use of dietary supplements with stable hypertension is not recommended.

The effectiveness of dietary supplements from pressure

Hypertension is considered a persistent increase in blood pressure, which does not return to normal after rest, taking sedatives. True hypertension is treated only with medications. Dietary supplements have a predominantly sedative effect, have a mild diuretic effect, saturate the body with useful trace elements and vitamins, help protect the arteries from destruction.

Taking dietary supplements is recommended for patients with a tendency to hypertension. This means that the pressure increases for a short time, no more than 150/90 mm Hg, there are no hypertensive crises. The examination revealed no changes in the ECG, blood and urine tests, the fundus vessels are normal.

In such patients, the increase in arterial vascular tone is situational and reversible, which makes it possible to focus on non-drug methods of lowering blood pressure:

  • salt restriction in the diet;
  • smoking cessation;
  • dosed physical activity;
  • normalization of body weight;
  • taking sedative drugs;
  • the use of foods and food additives with potassium and magnesium.

Such proactive measures are also shown to patients whose blood pressure is approaching the upper limit of the norm, there is a burdened heredity (blood relatives had high blood pressure), they are subject to frequent stress, strong emotions. Risk factors also include increased mental activity, night work, exposure to noise or vibration at work.

Women have a special predisposition to increased pressure with hormonal imbalance (premenstrual, menopausal syndrome), pregnancy. Provoke the development of hypertension, kidney disease, endocrine organs, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, foci of chronic infections in the body. All patients, when identifying such causes that provoke hypertension, may be prescribed preventive courses of dietary supplements.

What are dietary supplements and what are they for

Dietary supplement is a biologically active supplement to the main diet, consisting of 100% natural ingredients and contributing to the saturation of the body with useful minerals and vitamins.
In order for the human body to function properly, it needs a huge amount of nutrients that no nutrition can provide. Therefore, the invention of dietary supplements has become a godsend for citizens not only of the country, but also of the world. Dietary supplements as an additional source of vitamins cannot harm the human body, since the work of drugs is aimed at its improvement.

Today, the products are used to improve blood circulation, prevent various diseases of the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, you can also find dietary supplements to normalize blood pressure, and of course, the world of beauty and health has not been left without attention. Many representatives of the fair sex use supplements as drugs to maintain hair and nails in perfect condition.

Important! It is not recommended to use dietary supplements without consulting a doctor. Despite the harmlessness of the supplement, there is a risk of individual intolerance.

The discussion on the topic of dietary supplements has not stopped since the appearance of drugs on the market. All this can be explained by the fact that some, having tried the supplement, did not feel any significant benefit from it, while others, on the contrary, using the products, were able to restore their former good health. This paradox may be caused by the frequency of administration and the quality of the drug itself. A dietary supplement is not a remedy for treatment, but a remedy for recovery. That is, using it, you should not think that it will cure you of all ailments. Dietary supplements are a great chance to dilute your diet with useful trace elements, which, with prolonged use, replenish the body with missing vitamins and minerals.

The main composition of tablets from high blood pressure to reduce

Since the most common cause of transient episodes of increased blood pressure is overstrain and stress, phytopreparations include plants with a calming and relaxing effect. These include:

  • hop cones,
  • motherwort,
  • passionflora,
  • valerian,
  • the dodging peony,
  • hawthorn,
  • Melissa,
  • St. John ‘s wort,
  • peppermint.

All these medicinal herbs can be found both in capsulated, tablet form, and as part of teas. Many of them are sold in pharmacies in the form of tinctures. With increased blood pressure, plants that strengthen the arterial wall (aronia, yarrow), have a diuretic effect (horsetail, knotweed, birch buds), antispasmodics (fennel fruits, viburnum berries, wheatgrass rhizome) are also used.

To prevent the development and progression of atherosclerosis after 50 years, preparations from herbs that remove cholesterol are shown – red clover, white mistletoe, sophora, sushenitsa. Dietary supplements containing vitamins, potassium and magnesium salts are also used to maintain normal arterial tone.

The use of biologically active additives at elevated blood pressure

Treatment of hypertension with dietary supplements is the saturation of the body with essential vitamins and trace elements.

Specialists have developed dietary supplements that can not only lower blood pressure, but also eliminate the cause of hypertension. These drugs restore metabolic processes in the body, reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar, promote the elimination of toxins from cells and tissues, increase immune abilities.

After the course of treatment, the patient feels the following changes:

  • the heart beats smoothly;
  • the pressure does not increase;
  • there is a feeling of cheerfulness and lightness.

After the course admission, the tone of the veins and blood vessels improves.

Dietary supplements from pressure contain substances that promote the excretion of salts. Taking them helps to lose excess weight, which is a common cause of hypertension.

Taking drugs with a different spectrum of action leads to achieving the maximum effect. For example, one drug improves vascular tone, the second normalizes blood circulation, the third makes the heart work properly.

The course of treatment is usually two to three months.

Sometimes taking such medications is part of complex therapy in the treatment of hypertension. But it is more often recommended at the initial stage of the development of cardiovascular diseases as an alternative to chemical tablets.


Treatment with dietary supplements to normalize high blood pressure

Plant-based supplements have a roughly similar mechanism of action. After the course of application, you can count on the following effects:

  • restoring the balance between the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex;
    reducing tension, irritability;
  • normalization of the vasomotor center, which is responsible for the tone of the arteries;
  • improvement of oxygen supply to organs after reduction of vascular spasm;
  • elimination of excess salts, fluids and cholesterol from the body;
  • reduction of capillary permeability, activation of microcirculation;
  • getting rid of attacks of palpitations, sweating, trembling of hands, provoked by stress or fluctuations in hormone levels;
  • a smooth decrease in pressure with a slight deviation from the norm.

The use of dietary supplements has preventive and restorative effects, they can help improve well-being and lower the dose of medications. At the same time, it should be taken into account that their independent use for the treatment of high blood pressure is extremely dangerous.

The lack of adequate drug therapy for hypertension causes the development of complications, the most severe of which are stroke, heart attack, loss of vision, impaired kidney function.

They take dietary supplements in courses. Most often, it is recommended to take the drug for a month, then take a two-week break, and then, if necessary, you can consolidate the effect by taking it again.

Less prolonged use is not recommended, since the effect of these drugs develops rather slowly. Continuous intake for a long period of time is dangerous because of the possibility of excessive accumulation in the body and obtaining a toxic or allergic effect.

What you need to know about dietary supplements

Dietary supplements (or biologically active additives) are a natural source of various vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances obtained from animal, mineral or vegetable raw materials.
Occasionally there are food biocorrectors obtained by chemical or microbiological synthesis. However, even in this case, medicinal components of chemical origin are never added to them.

By correctly consuming these products, a person can make up for the deficiency of essential substances in the body.

Main types

To date, scientists have managed to develop several types of dietary supplements:

  • Nutraceuticals

A completely natural product. They are not vitamins, since the production technology is completely different from the one that is practiced in the manufacture of vitamin preparations. They are mainly used for the prevention of various diseases.

  • Eubiotics

Contain live microorganisms and/or their metabolites. They have an effect similar to probiotics.

  • Parapharmaceuticals

They are not medicines, but their composition is almost identical to that of medicines. They are used for prevention and as an adjunct to the main drug therapy.

Each of these groups is divided into its own subgroups, based on the characteristics of the composition, the nature of the components present and their percentage.

General effect on the body

They show the following positive influence:

  • Wellness – maintain the functionality of the body in the correct state.
  • Protective – reduce the degree of aggressiveness of some drugs against the body.
  • Regenerative – promote the recovery of the body after undergoing a course of drug therapy or antibiotics.
  • Preventive – help prevent the manifestation of certain diseases or improve the process of adaptation to the environment.
  • Preparatory – prepare the body for long-term therapy with synthetic medications.

When they need to be taken

In what situations can benefit the body:

  • Normal state of health.
  • Weak immunity.
  • Pre-painful condition.
  • During the illness.
  • Beriberi.
  • Intoxication.
  • Restoration of intestinal microflora.
  • There is a need to improve the physiological capabilities of the body.
  • Obesity (to reduce the caloric content of the diet).
  • Metabolic disorders in chronic diseases (ischemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension).

Effectiveness of dietary supplements

Hypertension is a complex pathology accompanied by various painful processes. High blood pressure is just a sign of an unhealthy condition. The reason for it may be:

  • thrombosis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • blood thickening;
  • vascular spasm;
  • overweight.

Various dietary supplements are aimed at thinning the blood, removing bad cholesterol, restoring nerve fibers, and cleaning blood vessels. They also perform a number of other functions:

  • cleanse the body of toxins;
  • improve kidney performance;
  • promote the burning of fats and the excretion of salts;
  • increase endurance;
  • strengthen the immune system.

After the therapeutic course, the patient feels a significant improvement in his condition, his blood pressure no longer rises, the heart rate is leveled, lightness and cheerfulness are felt.

Dietary supplements from high blood pressure have almost no side effects and are not as harmful as some medications. They are not addictive, but this does not mean that you need to take them uncontrollably.

Types and properties of additives

There are two types of dietary supplements:

  • Parapharmaceuticals consist of animal and plant components.
  • Nutraceuticals. The composition of these dietary supplements for hypertension includes minerals, dietary fiber, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids. They purify the blood, restore metabolism.

All these components have restorative, antioxidant and soothing effects on the human body. Therefore, dietary supplements are a good means of prevention against diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, and blood systems.

Is it possible to use “active additives” for hypertension

The composition of dietary supplements used for hypertension includes herbal components. Since stress is the main cause of high blood pressure, herbs with soothing properties are used.

Components that strengthen the walls of blood vessels, have a diuretic effect and remove cholesterol are also added. Dietary supplements containing a complex of vitamins and magnesium are common.

Despite the natural composition, when taking dietary supplements, consultation with the attending physician is necessary to take into account the patient’s characteristics, for example:
allergy to the components of additives;

  • severity of the disease;
  • inspection results;
  • special complaints.

In order for the supplements to have the desired effect, they are taken in courses lasting at least a month. The effects after taking dietary supplements include: cleansing the body of excess cholesterol and salts, improving arterial tone, increasing resistance to stress. The manifestation of symptoms common for hypertensive patients becomes less frequent: hands do not tremble, flies do not appear before the eyes, the heartbeat does not increase.

Thanks to dietary supplements, it is possible to reduce the number of medications used in the course of treatment.

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