Dietary supplements to stabilize blood sugar

Serious efforts should be made to combat type I and type II diabetes. It is important to plan a daily diet and follow the doctor’s recommendations for taking medications. Due to a strict diet and long-term use of medications, the body is subjected to constant stress. Additional support in this case is provided by dietary supplements.

Biologically active additives are characterized by a diverse effect. They help:

  • People suffering from diabetes are predisposed to the development of many other diseases, so the body needs additional protection from complications;
  • reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood. Due to this, dietary supplements have a positive effect on the effectiveness of general treatment, simplify diet control, reduce the risk of sugar spikes;
  • to make up for the lack of essential substances. Diabetes mellitus is complicated by a violation of metabolic processes (metabolism), which is why nutrients from food are poorly absorbed. This factor, as well as dietary restrictions, leads to a deficiency of vitamins, amino acids, macro- and microelements. With dietary supplements, useful substances enter the body constantly, in a balanced complex and in sufficient quantity.
  • reduce the feeling of hunger. Dietary supplements may contain inulin, which is converted into fructose in the stomach. It is a valuable energy resource for cells and tissues. Fructose does not lead to changes in sugar levels, but at the same time provides the necessary energy.

How dietary supplements work for diabetes

Many supplements developed for people with diabetes are aimed at combating absolute or relative insulin deficiency. The lack or complete absence of this hormone does not allow glucose to be properly absorbed, so its level in the blood is dangerously high. Dietary supplements can increase the secretory activity of beta cells in the pancreas (i.e. increase the production of pancreatic juice). Due to this, the metabolism improves and the glucose level remains at an acceptable level.

In type II diabetes mellitus, the tissues are insulin-resistant, that is, insensitive to insulin. At the same time, insulin in the blood is contained in normal and even increased amounts. The use of certain dietary supplements helps to increase the susceptibility of tissues to the hormone, naturally maintain sugar levels within normal limits. Then the pancreas stops working at the limit of its capabilities, and its cells begin to collapse prematurely.

What dietary supplements are useful for diabetes

To support the body, dietary supplements of diverse action are used. So, with diabetes, body weight is often increased. To reduce it, doctors recommend including in the diet special supplements for weight correction, enriched with stevia extract — a sweetener of natural origin. Extract from this plant is also contained in dietary supplements, which inhibit the deterioration of the skin, nails, hair, so characteristic of people with diabetes.

The daily menu must necessarily contain foods rich in fiber, it has a positive effect on metabolic processes:

  •  quickly saturates, prevents glucose from being released from food, binds it;
  •  cleanses the gastrointestinal tract from toxins, and the blood from harmful cholesterol;
  •  stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.

Dietary supplements with microcrystalline cellulose, an analogue of coarse fiber, are now being produced. Their intake provides the body with dietary fibers, which make up the walls of plant cells.

Dietary supplements with micro- and macroelements are also good for diabetes. Zinc and chromium, which are direct participants in the synthesis of insulin, are especially necessary for the proper functioning of the pancreas.

Pills or tea — how to choose the right dietary supplement for diabetes

Biologically active additives are available in tablets, capsules and herbal collections (teas). It is not necessary to compare their effectiveness — each form of dietary supplements is used for specific purposes. Tablets, as a rule, contain vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants that have a positive effect on the body of a diabetic patient. They are convenient to use, easy to dose, suitable for taking for several weeks or months.

Herbal teas are popular because they allow you to replenish your reserves of vitamins and trace elements at any time, without being tied to a specific schedule. Fees supply the body with substances capable of maintaining sugar levels within the normal range.

There is nothing in teas except herbal components — no auxiliary substances are needed for production, from which the tablet shell is made.

To combat diabetes, collections with different compositions are produced, with a general or narrow action — for additional effect. Especially useful are teas that strengthen the immune system and accelerate metabolism.

What substances should be in the composition

Diabetes mellitus predisposes to a deficiency of fat- and water-soluble vitamins, micro- and macroelements. Endocrinologists recommend supporting the body by taking dietary supplements with vitamins A, E, PP, P, B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, folic and ascorbic acids. A greater effect can be expected if the composition is enhanced with such ingredients:

  •  taurine. Studies conducted on experimental models have shown that taking taurine has a beneficial effect on the course of diabetes mellitus. The sulfur-containing amino acid prevents the development of both the disease itself and its complications;
  •  jimnema extract. Herbal remedies with extracts of this plant are able to block the absorption of sugar in the gastrointestinal tract, which allows you to protect the cells of the pancreas from damage.

Additional intake of mineral supplements will help to increase the immune status of the body. In addition to iron and zinc, the body needs manganese, copper, iodine, selenium, magnesium, and chromium especially acutely. It is better to buy dietary supplements, where the complex of substances is divided into 2 tablets in order to prevent incompatibility of the components and, conversely, to increase their synergy. So, the manufacturer can put vitamins in one capsule of the drug, and minerals in another.

What herbs are needed in the collections

Course intake of dietary supplements can increase the effectiveness of standard therapy: medications, proper nutrition, therapeutic physical activity. Manufacturers offer herbal collections, where all components are balanced in percentage, mutually strengthen and prolong (prolong) the effect of each other. Good sugar-reducing teas necessarily include such medicinal plants:

  •  galega grass (medicinal goat),
  •  grass and buckwheat flowers,
  •  rosehip fruits,
  •  nettle leaves,
  •  currant leaves,
  •  lingonberry leaves.

A complex of herbs helps to reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, clean the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol deposits. Medicinal plants stabilize the water-salt balance, improve carbohydrate and fat metabolism in tissues. Thanks to the synergistic action of plant extracts, they fight inflammation and fever — frequent companions of diabetes. Herbs also contribute to the gentle emptying of the bladder and intestines.

Specialist consultation is required

Dietary supplements have an effect on the whole body, so you should not take them without a doctor’s appointment. A phytotherapist or your attending doctor will help you choose the best dietary supplement, taking into account the state of the body, the presence of concomitant diseases or allergic reactions.

The main thing is not to forget about the importance of a systematic approach to treatment. To take a chronic disease under control, you will have to strictly follow the nutrition recommendations, constantly monitor glucose levels, give the body moderate physical loads and, if possible, avoid stress.

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