FungoSem Reviews: What to Expect?

This review on FungoSem is specifically written for those who suffer from or know people who are martyrs to nail fungi. Onychomycosis of the nails is a disease of the nail plate, characterized by a lesion, change in color and thickness of the plate by pathogenic microorganisms. This disease is often referred to as nail fungus. Onychomycosis of the nails is an infection often caused by dermatophytes. Other types of fungus, including mold, are much less likely to be the causative agents of the disease.

The most favorable environment for the development of microorganisms is heat and high humidity. Therefore, toenail fungus is more common, fingers are much less likely to suffer. Among patients, elderly people are more common, children get sick quite rarely.

Why Does Nail Fungus Appear: Causes

Doctors agree that most often the infection develops due to the presence of diseases, as a result of medical procedures or neglect of hygiene. Ailments that can cause mycosis are:

  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Obesity
  • Problems with the GIT
  • Immune system disorders
  • Circulatory system disorders
  • Hormonal failure in the organism
  • Excessive sweating of the legs (hyperhidrosis)
  • Flat feet
  • Violation of nail nutrition
  • Slow nail growth

Clinical Manifestation, Signs & Symptoms of Onychomycosis

By the main signs, it is easy to recognize that you have onychomycosis. Nail fungus on the hands manifests in the next way:

  • Plate color changes (yellow, brown, black, or white)
  • There is a keratosis of tissues under the plate (tissues under the nail take the form of a coral reef)
  • The plate thickens
  • Folds, furrows, and other types of deformation appear
  • The nail may protrude
  • Fragility increases, parts of the plate break off

If the ailment develops on the legs, then in addition to the above signs, other characteristic manifestations appear:

  • Inflammation of the skin and tissues around the nail
  • Redness and soreness of the skin around the nail
  • Bad smell
  • Itching and burning

Notice any of these symptoms? No doubt, you need to start treating with FungoSem ASAP!

FungoSem – TOP Product Against Fungus

The naturopathic option FungoSem is an all-organic product developed specifically for addressing unpleasant nail/feet odor, spots and depigmentation on nail plates, inflammation, and other symptoms of nail fungi. The dietary aid has a variety of health-boosting properties. These are what they are:

  • Toxins and other harmful substances are easily eliminated by the product.
  • Skin issues including scaly tetter, xerodermia, irritation, and other similar ones are treated with FungoSem.
  • It enhances the body’s immune processes.
  • It promotes the health of the derma and nails.
  • FungoSem promotes tissue healing and expansion.
  • The naturopathic aid strengthens, smoothes, and shines the nail plates.

What’s Mixed in the Formula?

To be certain FungoSem can really help with mycotic ailments, the manufacturer has added to the admixture the most potent components against fungi. They are as follows:

Bamboo extract

Bamboo extract contains a high concentration of silicic acid, which promotes efficiency, tone and good mood, thereby preventing depression.

Silicon helps to improve the skin, smoothing the lines of the face, restoring the firmness and elasticity of collagen fibers, and taking silicic acid has a positive effect on the health and growth of hair, strengthening nails.

Peony extract

Paeonia is currently utilized in both cosmetics and medicine, having formerly been used for its antispasmodic effects to treat epilepsy and to prevent seizures. Peony contains remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that help heal rashes and combat tissue aging, making it very advantageous for the derma. The plant root possesses calming, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties, relieves stomach and intestinal pain, makes it easier to fall asleep, and keeps you sleeping longer. Paeonia is also used to deal with anxiety and irritation.


The following bodily processes and systems depend on para-aminobenzoic acid and are crucial for appropriate metabolism:
– normalizes the metabolic process in connective tissue, the thyroid gland’s function;- encourages the body’s absorption of proteins and fats;- contributes to the synthesis of vitamin B9 (folic acid), and consequently, indirectly to the formation of erythrocytes (red bodies), folacin, purine and pyrimidine compounds, nucleic and amino acids;- strengthens and maintains human skin in good shape, prevents its premature aging, which is why PABA is used in many sunscreens (creams, lotions);- supports hair growth and health, maintains their natural color, and prevents alopecia;- stimulates the production of interferon, plays a significant role in protecting the body from such harmful factors as UV radiation, poisoning, infection (influenza, hepatitis, SARS), allergies, and oxygen starvation;

– prescribes for such conditions and diseases as anemia, alopecia, arthritis, Peyronie’s disease, vitiligo, scleroderma, construction (post-traumatic and Dupuytren), fatigue, skin photosensitivity, sunburn, developmental delay, disruption of the digestive system;

– prevents the development of strokes, blood clots, malignant tumors (cancer);

– contributes to the reproduction in the intestines of bifidobacteria, which are necessary for its normal functioning.

FungoSem: How to Administer?

It is sufficient to regularly consume two pills of FungoSem. Don’t forget to drink a glass of any fluid (except coffee and alcohol) together with the organic aid. Additionally, creating and adhering to a personal intake regimen is preferable.
It’s challenging to give an exact response to how much time one should spend taking the supplement. Every person is affected differently by the product. The results vary depending on the client’s age, gender, the seriousness of the ailment, and general physical condition. The maker suggests administering FungoSem consistently for at least 8 to 12 weeks.

Where to Order? How Much to Pay? What About Refund Policy?

The only place to get the naturopathic aid is on the producing company’s site. The cost for one bottle is $69. However, because they are more economical, we suggest that you take into account alternative package options. Consequently, you may get 6 units for 49 dollars each or 3 bottles for 59 dollars each.

The cost of cross-country shipping won’t be charged to you. The cost of trans-border delivery will also be incurred (usually, below 20 dollars). Additionally, the shipment time varies a little. As a result, shipping inside the US takes a maximum of three business days. It takes around 2-3 weeks abroad.

In the event that FungoSem falls short of your expectations, don’t be irritated or fret. After making a purchase, you have 2 months to return the goods. But bear in mind that shipping expenses are not refunded by the manufacturing facility.

Is FungoSem accepted by the FDA?

Recall that FungoSem is a completely natural remedy. There are no components that provide immediate results in it. The supplement isn’t on the list of goods that the FDA has authorized as a result. However, the manufacturer asserts that the dietary aid was made in compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Prevention Techniques

Not going above the specified dosage is one of the key safety measures. In addition, you are to keep the remedy out of children’s reach and in a secure location. Additionally, it is best to speak with your primary care physician before doing FungoSem.

FungoSem – Real People’s Comments

It functions, however, not as quickly as I’d want. It’d been six months before I started noticing any improvements. My nails have significantly thickened and got pink. My recommendation is to administer the naturopathic aid at least twice per day.

Eiliyah Mcdonnell

I ordered FungoSem due to its all-natural ingredients, and I’m glad I did! My large toenail is now growing normally after experiencing the issue for about a year! The diet assistance is effectual! The most important thing is to remember that an integrated strategy is required. Inadequate nourishment promotes the development of fungi within the organism, and cleanliness must also be watched. Even the worst case can be reversed, but not just by taking dietary supplements.

Jazmine Peralta

I’ve been utilizing the naturopathic aid for about 50-55 days. At first, I believed it to be pointless. But the impact is now discernible! Where the infection was on my toes, new nail plates began to develop. Recommend!

Mathias Mohammed

My mother was the recipient of FungoSem, and she is thrilled with the outcome! Her palms have an issue with the derma. She had previously relied only on hormone cream to address the issue, but it finally stopped being effective for her. We choose to test out this product. Even more quickly than the ointment, FungoSem assisted her!

Autumn Foley

The remedy for troublesome nails is excellent! Do not expect a speedy recovery if you have a chronic condition; instead, exercise patience and utilize FungoSem for a prolonged period of time. My nails have smoothed out considerably, improved in beauty, and gained sheen as well as a pink color.

Hashir Hirst

The stuff is actually effective! It’s my second time buying it. Every day after waking up and in the evening, administer FungoSem; after 1.5 months, new bodies of nails grew. I had previously used foreign options, but they had made no difference.

Junayd Mccarty

Any Negative Effects?

As of this writing, there have been no complaints or comments on FungoSem’s negative effects. Without a doubt, the dietic solution is completely safe as long as you stick to the suggested dosage. However, if you use more than two pills each day, you can encounter headaches, stomachaches, sickness, and vertigo. Therefore, avoid overdosing and adhere to all usage guidelines provided by the manufacturing facility. If you believe you have taken more capsules than is advised, contact your doctor right away, drink additional water, and temporarily halt your consumption.

FungoSem – Summary

Primary prevention is the best remedy for mycosis. It is preferable to prevent infection than to take some time to heal. You must adhere to these straightforward guidelines to prevent developing mycosis and promote FungoSem effects:

  1. Never wear borrowed shoes, and never give your shoes to anybody else, not even a close friend.
  2. If at all feasible, sterilize anything that has touched the patient’s hands or feet.
  3. Use different manicure tools for healthy and sick nails.
  4. If you see cracks on your soles, avoid saunas and swimming pools at all costs.
  5. Avoid going barefoot in public, and it’s best to avoid doing so at home.
  6. Use closed rubber slippers that are splash-proof when visiting the sauna, bathhouse, or swimming pool.
  7. You need to take a shower after the swim.
  8. Wearing rubber boots or long-lasting chafing shoes is not recommended.
  9. Use synthetic socks and tights sparingly; replace them every day.

Still, with or without these recommendations, there is only one universal admixture to address mycotic ailments – FungoSem. The naturopathic solution is intended to address and avoid fungi that may develop on toes and fingers. Thanks to the product’s positive benefits on health, it is conceivable!


  • Toxins and other harmful substances are easily eliminated by the product.
  • It enhances the body’s immune processes.
  • FungoSem promotes tissue healing and expansion.
  • The naturopathic aid strengthens, smoothes, and shines the nail plates.
  • It promotes the health of the derma and nails.
  • Skin issues including scaly tetter, xerodermia, irritation, and other similar ones are treated with FungoSem.


  • The only place to get the dietary supplement is on the producing company’s page.
  • FungoSem doesn’t have immediate results.

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