Urinoct Reviews: How to Beat BPH without Doctors

BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, is not a problem to widely discuss, but for half of humanity, it is as close as the flu. About 10% of 40 y.o. men face BPH. For older men, it is inevitable – 90% of men over the age of 90 struggle with late stage hyperplasia.

What is the essence of benign prostatic hyperplasia? The most complete theory involves age-related changes which cause uncontrolled prostate growth. The enlarged prostate presses the urethra, causing problems with urination and blood flow in male organs. Constant pain, frequent urination, decreased sexual potential and bad sleep are only the main BPH complaints. In the worst cases, the overloaded bladder can explode – a dangerous situation with a high risk of death.

Popular anti-BPH medicines have limited effects, and surgical intervention often brings more harm than benefits. Fortunately, there is an effective and safe solution. Its name is Urinoct.

Urinoct against BPH

BPH is a complex disease, caused by several factors:

  • Hormonal disbalance stimulates the excessive growth of prostate cells.
  • Genetics and lifestyle influence the cholesterol level and the formation of blood clots.
  • Immune problems create conditions for inflammation.
  • Heavy metals, toxins and nanoplastic particles inhibit tissue regeneration.

Urinoct eliminates all of them – simultaneously and without a chance for a revanche. The medication does not relieve the symptoms – it solves the problem and meliorates the state of the body.

Urinoct Ingredients

Urinoct is a complex of dozens of bioactive ingredients in the best proportions which reinforce and complement each other. It is the result of 15 years of research, analysis, clinical and field testing. As a result, the team of scientists has selected the most effective ingredients in the finest doses for maximum benefits.

  • Bioactive lipid acids – enhance phospholipid cell walls, prevent intrusion of nanoparticles of heavy metals and plastic, and protect cells as a regenerative resource. They intercept bad cholesterol and aid in the elimination of blood clotting for better blood flow.
  • Growth factors – control regeneration processes and healthy growth of the prostate.
  • Vitamin E – normalizes hormone levels and decreases prostate growth to a healthy rate. Besides, the substance complements the effect of lipid acids in antioxidant protection.
  • Iodum – compensates for the moderate deficit of 95% of Americans, which leads to a lack of thyroid hormones. It causes numerous problems including tissue regeneration, androgens and cholesterol disorders.
  • Calcium and Ferum – resources for tissues and capillaries.
  • Vitamin A and ubiquinone – anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants that neutralize the influence of free radicals on cell organelles.
  • Vitamin D and C – stimulate protein production and tissue regeneration.


Because of the interference of these components and their effects, Urinoct normalizes prostate functioning and boosts the total health level.

How Medication Works

The popular solutions against BPH work on the prostate only. Urinoct cures prostate hyperplasia and body wholesome. How does it work?

The medication starts from soothing inflammation in the prostate and urethra, so the swelling and side pain begin fading in several days.

Simultaneously, the complex stimulates the production of testosterone and other androgens in the appropriate quantities. This step suppresses prostate growth and reveals the ways for its return to the previous size.

Then, it is time to clean the blood vessels. Urinoct replaces bad cholesterol with its good subtype, aids in removing blood clots and enhancing blood flow in the small pelvis. Additionally, the medication reveals the stimulators for the vessel walls. As a result, the capillaries provide prostate cells with more oxygen and nutrients. On the other hand, inflammatory toxins and toxic nanoparticles are eliminated faster.

Meanwhile, antioxidants and cell protectors integrate into cellular walls to protect the cell nuclei from free radicals and keep their capacity to divide. The medication reveals the natural regeneration capabilities of the body and fills it with necessary growth factors. The result is a healthy prostate of convenient size and no related problems.

BPH Treatment and Prevention with Urinoct

Despite the relief coming fast, several organ systems must be reconfigured for the permanent result, and Urinoct needs some time for it. This time may vary depending on the BPH stage, men’s health condition and age.

On average, normalization of prostate condition and function occurs after one month of taking Urinoct. A course of 3 months is desirable for stabilization of results. After 6 months of taking, the health condition improves and resistance to negative factors grows enough to prevent relapse.

Urinoct is highly recommended for use in BPH prevention for any man of the age of 40+, especially for those with a genetic predisposition towards benign tumors. Only 1 in 5 American men will avoid the disease in their 80s, and no one will avoid it in their 100s.  Taking harmless restorative pills to avoid constant pain, worsening well-being and growing death risk is a reasonable precaution. Regular 3-month courses with 6-month breaks are sufficient to prevent BPH in almost any case.

Medication Safety and Side Effects

The quality control team of Urinoct records all side effects of the medication. So far, no destructive side effects have been discovered. But the medicine does cause additional changes in the health condition of the whole body.

  • Adjusted sex hormone levels trigger rejuvenation, melioration of the condition of male organs, muscles, bones, joints, hair growth etc.
  • Cholesterol control improves the state of the cardiovascular system.
  • Because of the healthy thyroid gland, the patient gradually overcomes overeating and excess weight.

Urinoct is a blend of the finest ingredients of premium quality. They are tested as 100% natural, organic and sourced from ecological regions.

However, the overdosing of Urinoct can still have repercussions. Constant and prolonged overdosing (5+ doses per day during 30+ days) leads to:

  • hypotony;
  • decreasing of blood clotting;
  • acid reflux;

The Urinoct research team used only components that do not cause allergic reactions in 99.99% of the cases.

Comparison of Urinoct Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Solving the problem instead of suppressing its symptoms.
  • Fast results.
  • Easy consumption.
  • No age restrictions for seniors.
  • No harm to the liver or kidneys.
  • No need for invasion and further recovery.


  • Needs an extended course for stable results.
  • Online purchases only.

Urinoct Instructions of Use

Urinoct is provided in the form of soft gel pills, small and easy to swallow. The daily dose is 1 pill which should be taken with a cup of water after the major meal.

How to Combine Urinoct with Other Medicines

Urinoct does not interfere with alcohol or cause drowsiness. It may enhance the effects of some medicaments:

  • anticoagulants;
  • hypotonics;
  • vasoconstrictors;
  • immunomodulators;
  • restorative medications.

And the opposite, Urinoct suppresses the effects of their antagonists. If you take any of these medicines, please consult your doctor.

Precautions and Contraindications

Urinoct has no contraindications, which means that the medicine can be taken by any adult male due to the schedule without restrictions.

The Urinoct bottle must be stored at a temperature of 36-86 F, away from direct sunlight and in the official bottles to prevent mechanical or UV damage.

Price and Where to Buy Urinoct

Urinoct is provided in bottles of 30 pills, which is a sufficient amount per month. The price of one Urinoct bottle is $69 – the average monthly cost of the morning coffee. For comparison, the cost of popular medicines start from $600-700 per month, surgical interventions cost dozens of thousands of dollars.

How to Get Urinoct Discount

Urinoct combines high efficiency with an affordable price, and the company makes it even cheaper. The producer offers 2 packages:

  • $177 for 3 bottles for 3 months – with a price of $59 per bottle;
  • $294 for 6 bottles for 6 months – with a price of $49 per bottle.


Beware! Because of the high popularity of Urinoct, the market is flooded with fakes. Buy Urinoct and use special wholesale offers on the official site only.

Urinoct Reviews

For years, clients taking Urinoct wrote numerous positive reviews, noting its efficiency and restorative effect on both their health and lives.

Chris H., 46 y. o.

I’ve taken only 25 pills – and I’ve gotten rid of the midnight trips to the bathroom. The pain subsided, and urination went back to the times of my 20s. I’m a truck driver, so I especially evaluate that this medicine doesn’t make me dizzy. Gonna extend the course to 3 months, wanna see what will happen.

Benjamin C., 67 y. o.

Urinoct helped me to forget about BPH, which had tormented me for 15 years. After 6 months of taking the pills, my hyperplasia disappeared, and now I can pee as easily as a boy. My erection came back, and lasted 20-30 minutes, but it wasn’t the most surprising thing. I’ve lost 20 pounds of bad fat and decreased my blood pressure from 165×100 to 130×80. My doctor was shocked.

Jackob K., 52 y. o.

My close friend and former classmate Derek has changed a lot in the last few months: a fresher look, keener mind, faster reaction. And his wife looked happier too! Once on Friday, I asked him about the secret, and he shared an intimate story. For years, he suffered from constant pain because of BPH, and no one knew about it except for his wife. One day, he got tired of the useless doctor’s prescriptions and bought a pack of Urinoct for 6 months. He didn’t have the least hope for success – but his life changed. Normal peeing was the least he’d received: his sleep, sex and well-being got to a new level. I was so impressed that I decided to take an Urinoct course for BPH prevention.


Urinoct is a perfect solution against BPH: efficient, harmless and affordable, which is proved by numerous consumer reviews. Unlike popular medications, this complex reconfigures the body wholesomely and eliminates the reasons for BPH, so it will never come back. Besides urination and sex life on the best scale, the complex helps to get rid of hormone imbalance and, as a result, high blood pressure, overweight and alopecia. Urinoct changes lives and brings back the feeling of youth.

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