Practical Nursing

Total Clock Hours 1350 Hours
Program Completion Time 11 Months

Practical Nursing Objective:

This program will include laboratory, classroom and clinical practice for students wishing to be prepared to pass the Florida Licensing Exam for Practical Nurses and to be well prepared to serve as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The knowledge and skills taught are consistent with the role and scope of practice defined by the Florida Board of Nursing and is to be performed under the direction and guidance of a Registered Nurse or a licensed Physician, It includes education in the areas of Medical/Surgical Nursing, as well as the special and unique nursing care needs of pediatric, obstetrical and geriatric patients, including 4 hours of HIV/AIDS. It includes nursing care skills and applications needed for a variety of settings such as acute, long term, and care in the home. It will cover such topics as the vocational role and functions for the Practical Nurse, Foundations and Fundamentals of Nursing Care, Infection control, Body Structure and Function, Human Growth and Development, Personal and Family Care in Multiple Environments, Mental Health Concepts, Nutrition, Pharmacology and Medicine Administration, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Practice, Interpersonal Relationships, Current Issues and Employability Skills.

Program Description:

The Practical Nursing program will teach students how to provide basic bedside care such as that is vital in providing care to each patient you are in contact with. As Practical Nurse students are expected to perform intake of vital signs consisting of temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration; proper procedures for the collection of samples for testing; perform routine laboratory tests; and how to administer medications. As a Practical Nursing student, evaluating the patient’s needs is important, helping to develop a precise care plan for your patients all while being supervised by the registered nurse and directed by the physician. The course work and training will prepare students to successfully take the NCLEX-PN Licensing exam.

Siena College of Health is licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing and the Commission for Independent Education.

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