Credential IssuedBachelor of Science
Program Length52 weeks
Semester Hours120
Total Credit Hours120
Associate Degree or approved diploma program transfer credits 60
Major Core Courses45
General Education Courses15
Total Credit Hours120

Program Objective:

Upon Completion of the RN to BSN the graduate will be able to:

  • Analyze inter-professional relationships and collaboration skills within a diverse and changing healthcare environment for the improvement of healthcare outcomes.
  • Evaluate health care issues from within the context of ethical and legal principles.
  • Analyze trends within the history of professional nursing and the evolving healthcare delivery system to predict future nursing roles.
  • Synthesize new knowledge from research and information tools with previous professional knowledge to implement expanded professional nursing roles and evidence-based practice.
  • Analyze political, economic, organizational, educational, and advocacy strategies to contribute to improved health care delivery to individuals, groups, families, communities, and national and global populations.
  • Conduct assessments of individuals, groups, communities and populations as the basis for planning care for health promotion and health maintenance.
  • Integrate knowledge of leadership principles, economic accountability, change theory and evidence-based practice into a plan to improve quality of health care delivery.
  • Create a plan as a part of personal accountability for ongoing personal and professional growth.

Program Description:
This RN to BSN to requires 120 Semester credit hours of which 60 nursing major credits are transferred from an approved diploma or Associate degree programs in Nursing and an unrestricted Registered Nursing license. All pre- requisite courses must have been completed no longer than five (5) years prior to admission to Siena College of Health. Students are required to submit a sealed, official transcript of their earned degree from another institution to Siena College of Health for evaluation of previously completed General Education and pre-requisite courses. Students will be informed in writing of the outcome of the evaluation and specifically which courses will be accepted. The program allows students to receive Forty-Five (45) credits as experimental learning credits. This RN to BSN program is designed to be completed in 12 months but the length of time to get the degree may vary depending upon how many credits the student brings with him/her to the program and if the student chooses to study part-time or full-time. The RN TO BSN program enhances the career goals of the Registered Nurses through Professional study. The program provides an in-depth exploration of evidence-based practices and prepares student to become an effective nurse clinician capable of sound clinical judgment in a variety of healthcare settings and in the community.

Siena College of Health is licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing and the Commission for Independent Education.

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