Vitamins and dietary supplements for stress

Every year the demand for sedatives and supplements for anxiety and stress is growing. Unreasonable anxiety, dissatisfaction with one’s own life and an unsettled environment do not allow one to relax normally, relax and focus on oneself, one’s family and work. In an attempt to get rid of this condition, many people switch to uncontrolled intake of strong sedatives, which only harm their health more.

Of course, the best and most effective medicine “for nerves” is the complete absence of stress and a harmonious attitude to life. In such cases, the nervous system is able to cope with short-term excess stress on its own and quickly return to normal. However, there are situations when the emotional load is too great. Then the body needs additional support and taking sedatives.

Stress medications can be made from natural raw materials or be synthetic. In the first case, such sedatives for the nervous system have fewer side effects and are sold without a prescription. The second ones can be bought only by appointment of a doctor and taken exclusively under his control. Today we will try to figure out what you can drink under stress, and we will find the best quick-acting sedative.

What are natural sedatives and when are they needed

Vitamins and dietary supplements that reduce the effects of stress and help the nervous system are quite popular. They have a calming effect, slow down the reactions of the nervous system to external stimuli, increasing the processes of inhibition in the brain, but at the same time they act gently, without causing side effects. Against the background of the use of natural sedatives, not only the symptoms of anxiety and stress are significantly weakened, but also sleep improves, vitality and efficiency increases.

Such additives are indicated in the presence of:

  • neurotic disorders;
  • bouts of fear and anxiety;
  • sleep disorders;
  • feeling of apathy, helplessness, impotence;
  • increased irritability and excitability;
  • autonomic dysfunction;
  • panic attacks;
  • reduced performance and problems with concentration.

To one degree or another, these states are familiar to workaholics, students, persons holding high and/or responsible positions, as well as to all those who are in a difficult life situation and do not know how to get out of it.

In severe cases, when severe apathy or extreme aggressiveness, loss of sleep and appetite are added to the symptoms listed above, it is necessary to consult a specialized specialist who, after a face-to-face examination, can decide what to drink for stress and depression and what additional methods will help correct the current condition. In other cases, you can resort to the help of natural sedatives, which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other additives. Their effectiveness is beyond doubt, and therefore such drugs are actively used in their practice by therapists, neurologists and psychiatrists.

Vitamins for stress and anxiety

The most important from the point of view of the severity of the sedative effect for the body are B vitamins, the flagship among which is B5 — pantothenic acid — the most important element necessary for the construction and development of cells of the central nervous system. Under the influence of daily stress, vitamin reserves are actively depleted, which leads to its deficiency. As a result, the central nervous system is disrupted, irritability, insomnia, and anxiety appear. Hair loss, muscle spasms, hypotension may also worry.

Pantothenic acid works best when taken in combination with other B vitamins, as they complement and enhance its effect.

Of other vitamins, D and E are also useful for the nervous system . They help to fight irritability, increased fatigue and nervousness. With regular intake, such supplements demonstrate a pronounced calming effect and increase performance.

Minerals for stress and anxiety

During stress, calcium and magnesium enter the blood in large quantities. The first one is needed in order to quickly transmit impulses, regulate the functions of excitation and braking. The second is to manage stress and cellular metabolism. However, magnesium is consumed much faster and its amount becomes insufficient to control calcium. This, in turn, provokes increased nervous excitement. It is almost impossible to get out of stress and anxiety without replenishing magnesium reserves. Of all the minerals, magnesium is the main one, but not the only one that has pronounced soothing properties.

Prolonged stress and constant tension lead to the formation of free radicals. They are potentially dangerous for cells and in the future may cause the development of cancer. Zinc and selenium will help neutralize free radicals.

The effect of such sedative supplements begins from the first day of intake, but it becomes most pronounced at the moment when the mineral deficiency is completely eliminated.

Amino acids for stress and anxiety

Amino acids are the constituent parts of a protein. Usually they are spoken about in the context of building muscle mass, but these small molecules are necessary for the whole body to work and in many ways they ensure well-being and efficiency. The most effective of them are:

Glutamine — the body can synthesize this amino acid on its own, and this amount is quite enough for daily active life. However, the consumption of the substance increases if there are intense physical or psychological stresses in life. In this case, the glutamine available in the body becomes insufficient and its intake from the outside in the form of additives is required. Its role as a sedative for anxiety and stress, at first glance, is not obvious. However, it is glutamine that transmits a signal from one nerve cell to another, thus regulating the work of a large number of connections in the brain.

Tryptophan — unlike glutamine, this amino acid is irreplaceable, and therefore it is important to ensure its supply from the outside at any time of life, but especially during intense mental stress and acute emotional states. It is from tryptophan that serotonin is subsequently produced in the body — the “hormone of happiness”, which provides a high mood and a feeling of emotional and mental comfort, and melatonin — the “sleep hormone”. That is why, with a lack of tryptophan, sleep disorders, increased irritability and anxiety are observed.

Adaptogens for stress and anxiety

Adaptogens are not soothing herbs, as many people think. This statement is erroneous for two reasons. Firstly, adaptogens are of both plant and animal origin, and secondly, the spectrum of their action is incredibly wide. In addition to protecting against stress, they increase mental performance, promote the development of endurance, normalize sleep. The most effective supplement with pronounced soothing and anti—anxiety properties is Peruvian maca. It is an adaptogen that is taken in order to maintain and restore vitality during chronic fatigue, stress and heavy loads. It helps to restore the harmony of life, to feel much better and to understand that life can be joyful, and the morning is kind.

Among other adaptogenic herbs that have tonic properties and have a positive effect on mood, basil, Eleutherococcus and Rhodiola rosea can be distinguished. However, these supplements are not indicated for use in the acute phase of stress, as they additionally stimulate the nervous system, increasing tension. It is more effective to take them before important and responsible events — a session, protection of a work project, relocation, etc.

How to choose the right sedative

You can choose a good sedative together with a specialist. Depending on the symptoms and current condition, he may limit himself to prescribing light over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements or prescribe potent medications.

Supplements and vitamins for stress, anxiety and anxiety are now available in tablets, capsules and pills of various dosages, syrups, drops. Herbal preparations can also be offered in the form of teas, infusions, decoctions or dried raw materials for their preparation.

Pay attention also to the composition of the additive — they can be monocomponent or combined. This does not mean that the latter are more effective, in any case, the sedative is selected strictly individually for specific requests and symptoms.

Regular intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the body will provide reliable protection against stress or help to get rid of anxiety and anxiety in a short time.

When supplements for anxiety and stress begin to take effect

Unlike pharmaceutical preparations, many of which have a cumulative effect, nutritional sedative supplements begin to act immediately, as they work to eliminate the deficit. The more pronounced the deficit was at the time of the start of admission, the more time it will take to level it. On average, the effect becomes noticeable on 3-5 days, provided that the dosage was chosen correctly and the rules of admission were not violated.

Gross violations of the instructions can reduce the effectiveness of sedative supplements and vitamins. Wanting to get rid of anxiety and stress as soon as possible, many deliberately exceed the dosage or postpone the reception to another, inappropriate time of day. In addition, the insufficient effect may be due to the fact that the course was not completed or if there were repeated omissions in taking pills. All this cannot guarantee the achievement of an effect, and in some cases it can lead to the development of side effects.

Monitor your well-being and use a comprehensive approach to get rid of stress. This will help to maintain health and prevent the occurrence of complications.

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